Happy Cam
Live Streaming

When possible I stream bowls events especially the big ones

You can watch “LIVE” (or ones that were live) at Happy Bowler | Facebook  LIVE   or many of the interviews with players (and me mucking about) at   Happy Bowler | Facebook Videos

Since humble beginning using a phone cam I have collected a range of equipment that (nearly) puts me in the “professional” category

I first started live streaming bowls games back in 2018 using my phone which then lead me to experimenting with all types of cameras and streaming gear even using a Gopro to stream some games

i spent a lot of hours researching how i could get the best live stream for the best price and over time i have brought my way up to having a great product that i can offer at the best prices in the streaming industry.

If you have an event call me to and I may be available to stream live your event.