About Us

Hi and Welcome to the Happy Bowler Community web.

I am new to this web stuff so bear with me.

I LOVE bowls. I am passionate about bowls and I have created this site to share what is happening in the bowls community.

The dream is to have a good place for you to visit, share your thoughts (I will be sharing mine in the Blogs), Buy some stuff, Watch some stuff (especially my live streams), and generally have a great experience.

When I started this site – and I have had several attempts – I thought I would create a facebook like page but with links and info. Well that was a mess (just like my front yard until i did a rebuild) so have decided still to have a facebook page Happy Bowler | Facebook for “day to day” – I have to work so mainly during weekends and bowls events –  and this web site for links to everything bowls.

Let me know how you think I am doing.

Happy Bowler

FAIL – First Attempt In Learning (and I am still learning)