Welcome to the 2020-2021 Pennant Season.

Pennant will be a 14 week season
Midweek commences  Tuesday 17th November roll up at 12pm for a start by 12:15pm
Saturday Commences Saturday 21st November  roll up at 1pm for a start by 1:15pm

The Saturday and Monday Pennant Fixtures and Results are available online here (click on “here” )

To download an excel version of Tuesday fixtures click here

To download an excel version of Saturday fixtures click here


Selectors/team managers click on “How to enter teams and results”

As your ongoing health and safety is of prime importance and the restrictions placed on us by governing authorities this seasons Saturday and Monday Pennant are different than previous seasons:-

  • Games may change compared to original fixture especially location and start time (rink separation and green availability)
  • The Pennant Record Form is replaced by the online BowlsLink system so team mangers need to access the system to verify team members and to enter the final scores. Clubs may utilise a PRF for their records.
  • Games start at Sat 1pm rollup for 1:15 start and Tue 12pm rollup for a 12:15 start
  • Games are 21 ends without a break – bring your own water/drinks and snacks
  • Clubs and members are to follow all COVID19 health and safety protocols
  • Refer to Rules of Competition for more information