• Sunday, February 17

Courier Shield Team

The selected BDBD side for the Courier Shield in Dunolly. 17-02-2019

Please flag that the players will need to make their own travel arrangements.

Kevin has organised a practice night on Wednesday the 13th for both mens and ladies teams. Please confirm attendance with  Kevin 0411 039 840. Practice will be at Ballarat BC starting at 5:30pm.

Players to provide their own transport as per the BDBD

Courier Shield (Dunolly BC)





Rink 1

Frank Clarke

Beau Traill

Scott McLean

Scott Hollingsworth

Rink 2

Chris Steenhuis

Paul Tudorovic

Ben Gould

Glenn Sargent

Rink 3

Aaron Emonson

Zac Stewart

Brad Fothergill

Mick Sloper

Rink 4

Wayne Pattie

Jacob Croft

Ian Warner

Anthony Holland


Matt Blackburn

Luke Cornish Leon Davey